The best way to find out more about Carbon Recall:

Live Company Tour

1. Live Company Tour (online):

A 15-minute one-on-one overview of the Carbon Recall system. All you need is a phone and a fast Internet connection.

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Discover Carbon Recall Seminar

2. Discover Carbon Recall Meeting:

A one-on-one meeting at Carbon Recall's headquarters in Atlanta, GA. Participants are responsible for booking their own travel arrangements. Requirements for the meeting are that you complete a Carbon Recall Application and that you've been qualified.

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According to Kevin White, A Previous Discover Carbon Recall Participant

“When you take a system like Carbon Recall, and you marry that with your own motivation and passion in your own market, you have a winning combination. The information presented during the meeting was not only thorough and invaluable in assessing the Carbon Recall opportunity, but also a great source of insights about energy trends and innovative renewable energy solutions important to any property owner in America.”

Previous Attendees Have Stated,

"I had no idea how big the opportunity was..."
"Every residential and commercial property owner in America would benefit from participating in one of these meetings."

During the seminar we will provide you with detailed insights into the Carbon Recall System, covering the following items directly from our Operations, Training and Education Manuals:

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  • Renewable Energy Industry Trends
  • Carbon Recall Operations Overview
  • Carbon Recall Training and Education
  • The Carbon Recall System and Franchise Operations
  • Approved Supplier Roster and Preferred Pricing
  • Revenue Model Overview
  • Q & A Session