General Motors Successfully Transitions To Strategic Energy Management

General Motors Successfully Transitions To Strategic Energy Management

Leading Indicator September 24, 2017


General Motors has successfully transitioned to strategic energy management to achieve a reduction in costs - while improving its operational efficiency. A report in Verdantix Market Overview: Industrial Energy Management explains how GM was able to implement its energy management strategy on a global scale, develop a comprehensive energy management strategy that drives further results, and validate the business case for continued energy management investments.


Energy-Efficient Operations Save GM $73 Million in 2016

The installation of 186,000 LED bulbs and fixtures is one of many steps helping General Motors save $73 million in energy costs in 2016. Global efforts to increase energy efficiency play a significant part in GM’s goal of meeting the electricity needs of its worldwide operations with 100 percent renewable energy by 2050.

“Energy efficiency can reduce electricity loads, which will help us more easily transition to renewable energy sources,” said Al Hildreth, GM’s global energy manager. “Together, these environmental improvements help us reduce our carbon footprint, cut costs and deliver value back to our customers.”


Australia is an excellent source for leading indicators similar to GM as it has embraced renewable energy at a very rapid pace. There are many positive and negative lessons to be learned from their renewable energy advancements.

The Finkel Report offers a glimpse of the role consumers and businesses are playing in the electricity market and the effects of energy storage and distributed solar on rooftops.  Specifically, on page 62 the report cites data suggesting 30 to 45% of electricity consumption could be supplied by consumer-owned generators; namely, rooftop solar photovoltaic and battery storage.

According to an article in The Guardian, batteries as a means to store electricity are nothing new. But, with solar photovoltaic units now found on 16.5% of Australian residential roofs, battery storage has stepped into the big league. What was once viewed as an add-on to solar photovoltaic is now driving a revolution in the energy sector and turning the concept of a national electricity grid upside down.

The final version of the Blueprint for the Future can be found here.


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