How Smart Entrepreneurs Identify Emerging Industries

How Smart Entrepreneurs Identify Emerging Industries

Business Opportunity January 16, 2017

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One of the best ways to pursue your entrepreneurial spirit, while avoiding the potential pitfalls of launching out on your own, is to effectively leverage the valuable skills you've acquired while completing your education and from your work experience; such as management, prioritization, focus and concentration, people skills, common sense, consulting and consensus building, fiscal responsibility, and team building. 

When Starting A Business, Pick An Industry You're Enthusiastic About

The first step, however, is to identify and select an emerging growth industry to become involved in. More specifically, an industry that you already are or that you can get enthusiastic about. Enthusiasm cannot be taught; it's contagious, and having enthusiasm about your chosen business will perpetuate your growth. 

Defining Emerging Industries

A key characteristic of an emerging industry or sector is that it is created when new products, services or ideas are introduced.  Sometimes emerging industries are the result of a radical reconfiguration of an existing industry driven by disruptive ideas which create new products or services with greater value.  Some emerging industries are created because of a massive paradigm shift in terms of a greater perceived value placed on a new product vs. the old product.  Some examples: the creation of the automobile to replace the horse and buggy, the advent of digital photography to replace film, online search results replacing printed encyclopedias, or cell phones replacing land line telephones. The key benefit of transferring your education and skills to an emerging industry is that instead of linear growth, you’ll experience exponential growth.  In other words, instead of progressing at the same pace year after year, your growth will be exponential and increasingly faster with every passing year.

Take a look at what the renewable energy industry has to offer and sharpen your view of the future ahead. 


The prevailing reality of resource productivity is that people can live twice as well and use half as much material and energy. With over 135 million inefficient properties in the U.S. alone, there is plenty of room to capture your share in the renewable energy market.

Your Skills Are Most Valuable Applied To An Emerging Industry

This second step may be counter intuitive, but it’s important to recognize that your skills are an accumulation of valuable and transferable abilities.  Think of your skills as a transportable briefcase. When opened in your chosen new and fertile setting, it will burst with useful and valuable tools. Your natural tendency is to stay with what you know and to stay in the industry you are familiar with. However, your skills and education are more valuable when applied in an emerging and growing industry. 

The Key To Success Is Leverage

Breaking into any new industry is hard - but you're better off breaking into an industry with huge growth potential over one that is mature and possibly in a state of decline. To achieve exponential growth, the key is using the power of leverage. Using leverage will multiply the outcome of your efforts. Instead of competing with individuals with similar skills in a mature industry, your skills and education become exponentially more valuable and more easily applied in an emerging industry where they are not a commodity, but a treasured asset that give you a leg up on the competition. 

How To Choose An Emerging Industry

So, how do you go about choosing an emerging industry? There are many to choose from, but clearly the global migration from fossil fuels to renewable energy is a broad-based paradigm shift creating numerous opportunities. For the average individual focused on a linear career, many of these opportunities are difficult to identify, and only a few can see and grasp the true potential while the industry is in the emerging phase of a paradigm shift.

However, for those with the right set of skills and education who are searching for the opportunity to branch out on their own in an emerging industry, the timing is perfect in the solar energy industry.


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