Personal Success = Local Community Ordinance

Personal Success = Local Community Ordinance

Leadership September 24, 2017


Phillip Stoddard, the mayor of South Miami, Florida, has personally embraced renewable energy. He has solar panels on his roof, drives an electric vehicle, and his monthly electric bill is $10. His successes will now become a major part of the South Miami landscape. Recently, the city of South Miami passed a groundbreaking law that will require new residential construction to install 175 square feet of solar panels for every 1,000 square feet of sunlit roof, or 2.75 kw per 1,000 square feet of living space, whichever is less. Other specifications exist for shaded areas and renovation projects.

“Solar reduces the cost of home ownership, it makes houses sell faster, it returns more to a builder, it makes local jobs, and most importantly, it reduces the carbon emissions today to help our children and grandchildren have a better future tomorrow,” said Stoddard. The law will go into effect on September 18, 2017. Read the full article here.


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