Solar+Storage Is Here

Solar+Storage Is Here

Leading Indicator January 8, 2018

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Solar energy contracts in the U.S. are now below $0.05 per kWh, and by the end of 2018 we will see utility scale contracts below $0.03 per kWh. Meaning, solar energy is competitive with new fossil fuel plants on a per unit of energy basis. But, in some areas the intermittency of renewables is still a challenge, something batteries will address.

More and more energy consumers will see that combining solar with energy storage will create an economical energy combination that will supply electricity beyond the hours the sun is out. With consistent cost reductions over the next decade, it will be economical in most of the U.S. And as Solar+Storage becomes a standard, it will change the way consumers think about energy forever.

Today, however, while the current cost for a complete Solar+Storage system is a possible sales obstacle, the most overlooked point when presenting any distributed renewable energy upgrade is the value of the energy created and the use of that value to pay off the financing for the system. Coupled with the 30% federal tax credit for the cost of the system including installation costs, the positive effect and increased value of the property in real estate terms, and the ROI on the investment, the value proposition for investing in distributed renewable energy is irrefutable.



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