Solar Saved a Puerto Rican Farm

Solar Saved a Puerto Rican Farm

Leading Indicator December 12, 2017


In The Aftermath Of Hurricane Maria, Solar Saved A Puerto Rican Farm

Six years ago Hector Santiago spent $300,000 to outfit his decorative plant and poinsettia nursery in Puerto Rico. After the American territory was ravaged by Hurricane Maria, most of the island was left in a near blackout. But, Santiago’s greenhouses are already back in business. “Everybody told me I was crazy because it was so expensive” [to install 240 solar panels on 40 acres], said Santiago.

 “Now I have power and they don’t.” Although his nurseries did sustain some damage from the storm, like greenhouse roof damage and several plants being destroyed, overall Santiago’s business, of selling flowers at outlets, like Costco, in Puerto Rico and throughout the Caribbean, has not faltered. “People are going to become more conscious of how they are living and invest more in solar,” he added.


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